Thursday, 16 February 2012

Handsome Coffee

Handsome Coffee has been producing artisan coffee for almost a year now, but just this week they opened their combination cafe and roasting facility in downtown Los Angeles.

The gentlemanly trio that is Handsome Coffee have a fresh outlook for their new venture with a mantra that reads "We're not making coffee for everyone, we're making coffee for you.  For those who value craftmanship and quality over convenience and cost - we're your huckleberry."  Now, I have no idea what it might mean to be somebody's huckleberry, but I must say, I do like the sound of it!

They've teamed up with Woodsmithe a visionary design company to finesse and develop their ideas and this short doco of their journey is truly inspiring.  I love their take no prisoners approach, the attention to  fine detail and last but not least the pure commitment to their passion.  Simple really, isn't it?

Handsome Coffee + Woodsmithe from WoodSmithe on Vimeo.

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