Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Che & Fidel

Not so long ago I was approached by the lovely Jodi from the Che & Fidel blog regarding an upcoming shoot on the Apple Isle!

Jodi was heading to the little town of Cygnet with Photographer Luisa Brimble to review the wonderful concept that is A Common Ground.  Anywhoooo, we both agreed that a pair of Bergies would be the perfect accessory for the tiny feet appearing in the shoot and the end result is documented below.

That's Jodi with little her daughter Poet in her arms and young Che is sporting the navy Bergies. Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots with us Jodi.  This type of editorial is right up our alley! 

Please do check out Jodi's fabulous blog, it's full of all sorts of goodness...

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  1. I just came across you blog via your website. I love it!